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Our Products and Services

The Dynamic Cyber range of of products and services are best of breed, and  competitively priced.


Our Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Peripherals and Hardware are competitively priced to supply your office needs.

OS & Software

Our reseller and solution partner agreements enable us to sell and provide: Microsoft, Freshworks, Solarwinds, solutions and software.

IT Support

Our roots started in IT support, so we provide Stellar service at faster and more cost-effective rates.


Stay connected using our Cloud Hosted PBX for VOIP, Contact Centre and Advanced Call Desk Agent products. We have some of the best call-rates in the industry.

Hosting & Cloud

DCG is a Huawei Cloud and AI Premier Consulting partner. We also have our own Data Center to host your website, email and back-up capabilities, including a range of hybrid solutions.

Fibre & Broadband

Our wide range of Premium Grade connectivity options ensure your Hot-Spot keeps being HOT rather than NOT. FTTH, FTTB at speeds of up to 1.95 GB/s

Web Design & E-Commerce

Your Website is the Public image for your business and it needs to reflect the company vision and strategy. We help you design and build that very important Public Image, exactly the way you want it.

IT & Business Strategy and Business Consulting

We have a team of experienced and highly skilled business and IT leaders available to assist you in every part of your SME development journey.

QA & Automated Testing

Our team of highly skilled specialists can take care of your SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Automated testing and Quality Assurance needs. We have an impressive track record that is a must-see if this is your forte'.

"Amazing Support and Quality Work!"

Our Aim is to assist you in reaching all your Business Goals, Targets and Dreams.
Leon Barnard
Managing Director, Dynamic Cyber Group